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He finally proposed to you and you said "Yes!". Once the initial shock wears off and you force yourself to look at other things (other than that sparkly diamond on your finger), many decisions will need to be made. When to get married? Where will the dream wedding be? Who are you going to invite?   To help you start at the right footing, here are the first few things you should do.
Savor the Feeling

Savor the feeling of being in cloud 9 by keeping your engagement a secret between the two of you for up to 2 days. When you come down from the heavens... you have to consider how long your engagement will be. This will depend on a couple of factors, such as your target wedding date and how much time you'll need to prepare. A typical engagement lasts from six months to a year.

Don't Forget to Tell Your Parents

Share the news with your family! Tell each set of parents separately so that they can express their emotions freely, and won't have to deal with the surprise of the engagement. Traditionally, the bride's family gets the first news. It is always best for the two of you to inform the bride's parents about the great news. If you live too far from your loved ones, a phone call will do just fine.

Dream, Dream, Dream

The formality of your wedding will be reflected first and foremost in your invitation... second will be the location. Your dream wedding will fall into place when you decide where you what to get married and celebrate your union. Is it in a luxury hotel or your family's ancestral home? Garden wedding or destination wedding? If you're going all-out formal, you might appear in a classic long gown with train and your fiance can wear a classic pina barong tagalog or a tux, -- with guests in evening dresses and barong tagalog. At an informal wedding, almost anything goes.


A wedding budget is absolutely essential to planning your wedding. One of the best things to do right from the very start is to discuss who is going to pay for what or how much of a contribution, if any, parents are willing to make. Traditionally the bulk of the costs falls on the bride's father with the groom paying for things like the cars and church expenses but things have changed. Recent studys shows that about 50% of weddings are now paid for by the bride and groom, 30% by the bride's father and about 15% are paid for by everyone contributing in varying degrees.
What affects the price tag? Formality: the more formal the wedding, the more expensive. Ultra formal affairs take place in the evening, and you'll have to match the site, food, and music to the overall feel and look. Date and time: Certain months and times of day tend to be pricier (December to February; weekends). Food: Dinner usually costs more than breakfast or lunch, and seated service is more than a buffet. Location: Celebrations in 5-star hotels are obviously going to cost more than garden receptions at Intramuros.
Are you good in keeping tract of your expenses? We suggest that you discuss with your fiance if you can open a checking account dedicated specially for your wedding. Pay your wedding bills in check; that way you can tract your expenses and schedule your payments. This also serves as a security for you. It would be easier for you to walk around bridal fairs with a checkbook than with a bag full of money. If you or your supplier looses the check, you can always cancel the one that was lost and just issue a new one.
Choose Your Entourage

Now is the time to honor family and friends who have been with you during your ups and downs by making them part of your wedding entourage. If they agree to be part of your bridal party, you might enlist them to help you with your wedding preparations. So whom do you choose?  People who have touched your life, best friends, childhood buddies, siblings, a mentor or coach.
Determine a Date

Choosing a wedding date you have to consider some factors such as: How much time will you need to prepare your wedding? Are any loved ones available on your wedding? They might have other upcoming events such as graduation, birthday, or pregnancy due date? You may want your wedding date to have sentimental value such as commemorating your first kiss.

Announce Your Engagement

Announce your engagement in the newspaper, your alumni magazine, your wedding webpage and anywhere else you want your engagement announcement to appear. Find out the name of the appropriate newpaper editor or department and ask for their requirements / guidelines or a standardized form, if available. Also ask if there's a fee for publication. To create your own wedding website visit http://weddingannouncer.com/
>> You can also broadcast your wedding at our website.  All you have to do is email us the following:

Complete Name of the Bride and Groom
Exact Wedding Date and Time
Ceremony Venue and Address
Reception Venue and Address
1 Pre-nuptial Picture (Jpg, png or Gif extension)

Who to Invite

When creating a guest list, you'll have to consider such as the venue and food. Do you want an intimate wedding of 30 guests or a once-in-a-lifetime party for all your friends and family? Are you tight with budget?  Obviously, the more relatives you must invite, the larger your list will be. And more guests, means more cash, as food and liquor costs are generally calculated on a per-head basis. So in addition to location, your budget will be a strong determiner.

Consider getting a Wedding Planner / Coordinator

Are you very busy & do not know where to start? Are you out of the country? Wedding Planners can guide you and help you with your preparations. They can start right at the very beginning or if you made arrangements already, they can pick up where you left off. Planning and coordination normally starts at least 6 months to 1 year before your wedding.
Don't just hire anyone. It is best to hire a FULL TIME Wedding Planner / Coordinator if you are busy with work and all. You will be sure that your wedding is in good hands and everything is going according to plan. Hiring part time Wedding Planners / Coordinators may not be a good idea since they too are busy with their own day job.   
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