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“Top 10 Things to Bring on your Honeymoon”


Have you thought of where you’re going to have your honeymoon? You might want to consider Tagaytay or Batangas. How about Pampanga or the exotic Davao? The Philippines has so many places to offer for you to have that much needed relaxation and bonding time with your spouse. And even though one would claim that all you need is each other, the practical side of life kicks in when you’re out in unfamiliar places and you don’t want to be caught unprepared in the middle of your honeymoon. Dr. Kim Latina, 2007 winner of our Best Prenup Photo Contest, came up with his own honeymoon survival list before going out to enjoy their honeymoon prize from Before I Do Bridal Fair:


“Top 10 Things to Bring on your Honeymoon”

1.    Travel Documents: Keep your tickets, your ID’s, and passports in a safe secure place. These are the proofs of your existence. Better yet, be sure that you have the number of your travel agency and the hotel where you’re staying so that they can assist you as well when it comes to lost documents.

2.    Emergency or Maintenance Medications (antihistamine, paracetamol, insulin etc.): Far flung places in the country might not have these readily available. You don’t want to spend your honeymoon looking like a blowfish so make sure that you have enough meds for emergency cases.

3.    Camera. Something to capture those sweet strolls down the beach or that unforgettable sunset near your cabana. This trip is one of those moments that is treasured for a lifetime. You might not have the time to go out again and enjoy each other.

4.    Mobile Phone and charger. You’ll never know when an emergency may come. It might be your only means of communication. If you’re on prepaid, be sure to load up before leaving.

5.    Moolah/Money:  Be it in peso or dollars, you should have your resources checked. Bring your ATM Card as well just in case you run out of cash.

6.    Clothes.  You might want to carry less if it’s a shopping spree you’re after. If not, consider the location and the weather when packing your clothes.

7.    Footwear. There’s so much to see, so many things to discover, so many islands to explore. Make sure that your footware is comfortable for walking long distances and sightseeing.

8.    Food. Small crackers or candies might be good sources of glucose when you start feeling hypoglycemic.

9.    Map. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the place. Some research in the internet may prove the difference between a stress free stroll from unforeseen disaster.

10.    Sexy Surprises.  And when the day is over, as you rest and cuddle in each other’s arms, you might want to have some tricks rolled up your sleeves. Sexy lingerie, playing cards, massage oil and a bubbly bath might come in handy. Besides you’re in your honeymoon, what else should you guys be doing.  

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