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Beautiful Brides....
by EJ Belen-Litiatco


...A BRIDE SHOULD NOT BE OBLIGED TO FOLLOW HAIR & MAKE UP TRENDS, THE VERY FIRST THING TO CONSIDER SHOULD BE WHAT MAKES A BRIDE BEAUTIFUL... ...LESS IS MORE does not always apply to everyone...best features must be thoroughly enhanced..(a flat nose may be given "a little" shape) remember: you want to look good in photos why opt to fade in the background? YOU ARE THE BRIDE! ...ALWAYS have your TRIAL hair and make up done before booking an artist! Rehearse the look you desire, consider the artist's work ethics, attitude, communication and always remember that a TRIAL would give you an idea if you can TRUST him/her... ...for the BRIDAL BAG or "KIKAY KIT" needed for touch-ups: oil-blotting sheets, lipstick and loose/translucent powder... "a great make-up starts with a healthy and beautiful skin..."

Things to Do
Drink lots of water.
Exercise regularly.
Get plenty of sleep.
Always wear sunscreen.
Use a humidifier at night to keep your skin hydrated.
Keep your hands away from your face. Dirt and oils can contribute to blemishes and other skin problems.
Find a good dermatologist.
Apply skin moisturizer while your skin is still damp.You'll seal moisture in.
Invest in a great haircut.
Baby your skin. Wash your face in warm water and gentle cleansers only.
Have your eyebrows professionally shaped.
Give your skin at least a week to rest after a facial and wax treatment.
Test your waterproof make-up by spraying your face with water to stimulate tears.
Consider having a profesisonal stylist to do your make up and hair.
Pack an emergency make-up kit.
Get a french manicure.
Wear a button down shirt when you have your hair and make up done.
Go for a classic or natural make up look.
Curl your lashes.
Wear two coats of mascara.
Relax and enjoy your day.

Things NOT to Do
Wash your face in too-hot water with a drying soap or with abrasive cleansers.
Pick, squeeze or peel your blemishes.
Neglect your eyebrows.
Try new skin and hair and make-up products just before the wedding.
Get sunburned.
Change your skincare regimen.
Drink too much the night before your wedding.
Tweeze your eyebrows on your wedding day.
Let anyone convince you to try a look you don't feel comfortable with.
Wear false lashes for the first time.
Go for a trendy or faddish look.
Wear too much make-up.
Make your wedding the day to introduce a "totally new you".
Wear colored contact lenses (unless you wear then often).
Have a facial, or wax your eyebrows and upper lip just before the wedding.
Let yourself feel rushed. Instead allow yourself plenty of extra time to enjoy your magnificent day.


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